Cercopoidea Organised On Line
  by Adeline Soulier-Perkins


Chronological account
Narnia rastrata Walker, 1870 previous combination of Machaerota rastrata (Walker, 1870) according to Lallemand (1912)
Machaerota lieftincki Maa, 1949 synonym of Machaerota rastrata (Walker, 1870) according to Maa (1963)
Conmachaerota carinata Lallemand, 1951 synonym of Machaerota rastrata (Walker, 1870) according to Maa (1963)
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Narnia rostrata Walker, 1870 wrong spelling of Narnia rastrata Walker, 1870 in Buckton (1903): 268 corrected by Metcalf (1960): 38
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