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Soamachaerota appendiculata (Hacker, 1926)

Basionym original publication
Hacker H. 1926 - New species of Queensland Cercopidae (Homoptera). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum. Brisbane 8: 243-248.
Chronological account
Soa appendiculata (Hacker, 1926) previous combination of Soamachaerota appendiculata (Hacker, 1926) according to Jacobi (1928)
Polychaetophyes appendiculata Hacker, 1926 previous combination of Soamachaerota appendiculata (Hacker, 1926) according to Metcalf (1952)
Soa tmetoptera Jacobi, 1928 previous combination of Soamachaerota tmetoptera (Jacobi, 1928) according to Metcalf (1952)
Soamachaerota tmetoptera (Jacobi, 1928) synonym of Soamachaerota appendiculata (Hacker, 1926) according to Maa (1963)
Graphical display of the chronological account
Biological interactions
Eucalyptus L'Héritier de Brutelle (Myrtales, Myrtaceae) according to Maa (1963): 15
Geographical distribution  (partial)
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