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Chronological account
Cicada salicina Goeze, 1778 previous combination of Aphrophora salicina (Goeze, 1778) according to Dufour (1833): 229
Cicada spumaria salicis Geer (de), 1773 previous combination of Aphrophora salicis (Geer (de), 1773) according to Herrich-Schäffer (1835): 66
Cicada spumaria salicis Geer (de), 1773 previous combination of Omalophora salicis (Geer (de), 1773) according to Metcalf (1962): 492
Aphrophora willemsi Lallemand, 1946 synonym of Aphrophora salicina (Goeze, 1778) according to Liang (2007)
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Cicada spumaria salicis Geer (de), 1773 nomen nudum of Cicada salicina Goeze, 1778 according to Goeze (1778): 153
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Level 4
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Vernacular name(s)
Braune Weiden-Schaumzikade in Germany (German) according to Biedermann & Niedringhaus (2009)
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