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  by Adeline Soulier-Perkins


Chronological account
Taihorina geisha Schumacher, 1915 previous combination of Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) according to Baker (1927)
Makiptyelus fasciatus Kato, 1928 synonym of Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) according to Maa (1947)
Taihorina tomon Matsumura, 1942 synonym of Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) according to Maa (1947)
Hindola robusta Jacobi, 1944 synonym of Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) according to Maa (1949)
Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) previous combination of Taihorina geisha Schumacher, 1915 according to Maa (1963)
Neuromachaerota becquarti Liu, 1942 synonym of Taihorina geisha Schumacher, 1915 according to Maa (1963)
Aphromachaerota adusta Lallemand, 1951 synonym of Taihorina geisha Schumacher, 1915 according to Maa (1963)
Use(s) (chresonymy)
Hindola geisha (Schumacher, 1915) cited in Baker (1927)
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Biological interactions
Quercus dentata Thunberg (Fagales, Fagaceae) according to Maa (1963): 39
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