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Use(s) (chresonymy)
37 species
Megamelus aestus Metcalf, 1923
Megamelus bellicus Remes Lenicov & Sosa, 2007
Megamelus bifidus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus bifurcatus Crawford, 1914
Megamelus coronus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus davisi Van Duzee, 1897
Megamelus discrepans Haupt, 1930
Megamelus distinctus Metcalf, 1923
Megamelus electrae Muir, 1926
Megamelus falcatus Beamer, 1855
Megamelus flavus Crawford, 1914
Megamelus gracilis Beamer, 1955
Megamelus hamatus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus inflatus Metcalf, 1923
Megamelus iphigeniae Muir, 1926
Megamelus kahus (Kirkaldy, 1907)
Megamelus leimonias (Kirkaldy, 1907)
Megamelus leptus Fieber, 1878
Megamelus lobatus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus longicornis (Dozier, 1922)
Megamelus lunatus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus metzaria Crawford, 1914
Megamelus notulus (Germar, 1830)  type species
Megamelus palaetus (Van Duzee, 1897)
Megamelus paludicola Lindberg, 1937
Megamelus paludicola pilosa (Haupt, 1935)
Megamelus piceus Van Duzee, 1894
Megamelus quadrimaculatus (Signoret, 1865)
Megamelus recurvatus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus scutellaris Berg, 1883
Megamelus spartini Osborn, 1905
Megamelus sponsa Kirkaldy, 1907
Megamelus timehri Muir, 1919
Megamelus toddi Beamer, 1955
Megamelus trifidus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus ungulatus Beamer, 1955
Megamelus venosus (Germar, 1830)
Geographical distribution
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Level 4
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Biological interactions
Phytophagy Opophagy
Carex lasiocarpa Ehrh. (Poales, Cyperaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895)
Carex riparia Curtis (Poales, Cyperaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895)
Castalia odorata (Aiton) Wood (Nymphaeales, Nymphaeaceae) according to Beamer (1955): 29
Eichhornia azurea (Sw.) Kunth (Liliales, Pontederiaceae) according to Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007)
Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms (Liliales, Pontederiaceae) according to Sosa et al. (2004), Sosa et al. (2004), Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007)
Juncus sp. (Poales, Juncaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895)
Limnobium laevigatum (Humb. & Bonpl. ex Willd.) Heine (Alismatales, Hydrocharitaceae) according to Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007)
Nuphar advena (Aiton) W.T. Aiton (Nymphaeales, Nymphaeaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895)
Nuphar sp. (Nymphaeales, Nymphaeaceae) according to Osborn (1905)
Pontederia cordata L. (Liliales, Pontederiaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895), Sosa et al. (2007), Sosa et al. (2007)
Pontederia rotundifolia L. f. (Liliales, Pontederiaceae) according to Sosa et al. (2007)
Spartina patens (Aiton) Muhl. (Poales, Poaceae) according to Osborn (1905) , Wilson (2012): 167
Spartina pectinata Link (Poales, Poaceae) according to O'Brien & Wilson (1895), Wilson (2012): 167